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Project Description
Late-bound .NET object for interacting with Excel.
Supports common tasks for manipulating Excel data without requiring a reference to interop COM components.

  • Straight-forward get and set methods for values and formulas - specify by location (e.g. A1, B23, BA21, etc.) or cell row/column coordinates.
  • Full support for creating, opening, and saving workbooks.
  • Full support for adding, deleting, and moving worksheets.
  • Support for common range operations such as setting borders, fonts, colors, and text formatting.
  • Support for calling the native Excel Find function.
  • Convenience methods for common operations (column number to letter and vice versa, formula reference builder (R1C1 format), etc.).
  • Late-bound, so Excel interop libraries are not required to be referenced.
  • Direct access to the underlying Excel COM objects to invoke any non-implemented functions.
  • Implements IDisposable to prevent 'ghost' Excel instances.
  • Full intellisense comments included.
  • Uses .NET 2.0 (for flexibility purposes).
  • No crazy namespaces (just ExcelDriver).

Note: While explicit references to Excel libraries are not required, this component does require that Excel is installed on any system which utilizes it. This library is not a replacement for Excel, it is a late-bound interface to the Excel COM objects.

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